Blockchain Video Game 3.0 of the NFT Megatrend: The New Fusion of Motivation between Technology and Economy

— — SpaceY 2025 is not only a blockchain tower defense video game that combines NFT and TOKENS, it also aims to benefit all developers, participants, and followers.

“Except for the financial industry, video games are the most suitable industry for blockchain technology because it has a natural virtual scene.”

Currently, the concept of mainstream video games is constantly evolving because the video game industry is undergoing an unprecedented revolution.

As we know, current video games are shifting from pure entertainment to a cross integration model with other significant fields, including education, science, and health.

Not only has the number of people who plays gamse increased, but the time and money spent by gamers has also increased.

In contrast, Blockchain Video Games and collectibles trading, as a market with a unique economic model rife with opportunity, has gradually aroused public awareness.

One of the outstanding milestones is CryptoKitties, built on the Ethereum network in 2017.

CryptoKitties is not only a simple video game that is centered around collecting, reproducing, and auctioning, it also created a new economic model for all participants — —

Gamers can create and trade a new type of item in video games, and this item is an irreplaceable digital currency.

Blockchain Video Game 3.0: Paradigm Shift in Economic Models

Matthew Ball once pointed out in “7 Reasons Why Video Gaming Will Take Over”:

Video games are replicating the success of TV packages and becoming one of the most important forms of entertainment.

Suppose we regard Content Media as the intersection of technology, content, and business, then, video games are significantly more affected by technological changes in all types of media categories.

These conclusions are reflected in the following 3 aspects:

1. The business model and content of electronic games are more likely to be affected by technology;

2. The electronic game category is more dependent on technology/computers, which means that it has undergone more frequent and significant changes than any other medium;

3. The overall experience that electronic games brings to users is more restricted by technological development than any other medium.

Concurrently, every round of technological change always boosts a huge incremental market and explores new types of content. This has prompted the entire industry to present a geological growth structure.

As a new form in technological development, Blockchain is trying to reshape the production relationship in the video game ecology from the ground up.

There are huge differences between video games driven by Blockchain technology and others.

Due to the united motivation in theory between gamers and game creators, this difference is largely empirical.

Almost all current video games are monopolized by large game operators. All item transactions and data information of gamers are actually not public.

The advent of blockchain technology will be able to purify video games — — video games to video games, gamers to gamers, items to items.

Currently, there are three major roles in video games, gamers, developers, and operators.

The Token economy will change the dynamic relationship of interest in video games, forming an unprecedented relationship of “Gamer-Developer-Operator”.

Each video game creator will design a unique community of interests centered around blockchain technology.

What We Are Going to Do:

SpaceY 2025 combines many popular element,s such as Mars, Sandbox, Tower Defense Game, and NFT. Gamers need to build specific facilities in video games to fight enemies and freely trade territory and items.

We combine the collection characteristics of NFT with Token motivation to create new economic motivation and entertainment for tens of millions of Tower Defense enthusiasts around the world. This benefits game developers, gamers, and operators.

Our goal is to give gamers a tangible gaming experience without having to consider complex underlying technologies or economic principles.

Foundation Design: Deflation and Transparency

Traditional video games have flaws in their designs, which inevitably brings inflation. With the increase in the number of gamers and events, the scarcity and value of items gamers hold will continue to decrease.

When gamers continue to upgrade or kill enemies in traditional games, the rewards they receive are constantly being created — —

When the number of gamers increases, the system will automatically generate more rewards and items in the game’s economic system without any ceiling.

As these virtual assets become more and more abundant, their will also decrease over time.

It has led to inflation becoming a problem in video games.

In fact, this inflation model is intentional. The depreciation of assets will bring a steady stream of revenue to operators.

The application of Blockchain technology in video games can effectively curb this inflation and make all data open and transparent.

In SpaceY 2025, SPAY will be used as a TOKEN, and the total supply is limited, plus the distribution ratio is disclosed. It also stipulates the linear release rate of tokens over time.

This is fairly visible to all gamers and followers, and no one has the right to modify it.

Community Autonomy: Absolute Decentralization of Power

Based on blockchain video game research and development, we have created a game ecology centered on community autonomy.

Combining the core concept inherent to blockchain technology, we have overthrown the “rule makers” of traditional video games and returned the initiative to the gamers.

We believe that compared to traditional video game forum community, the blockchain community is stickier because everyone participates in communal decision-making and is a part of it.

This strong sense of participation will bolster a sense of identity in gamers and generate strong interactive links.

In the Internet age, communities represent extremely valuable traffic, which is why we value community autonomy so much.

We support a decentralized gamer-driven economy. Gamers can convert virtual income obtained in video games into fiat money.

Best DeFi: Scalable Economics

By building a complete economic incentive model for tower defense games, we have established a channel for gamers and followers to become familiar with blockchain video games.

SPAY is a general TOKEN in the game. Gamers can use it to buy territory, facilities, NFT items, etc. It can also be used for community governance and mortgage interest.

At present, we have completed mainnet deployment and casting based on ERC-20 tokens.

This created a consistent total of 25 million SPAY tokens, and the current circulation is only 2%.

Users can view the SPAY lock-up agreement on Etherscan:0x732c6f9C7aCD67649750a6efA26fAF3D0d8Ff3e3

A new season map will be released every month. Gamers need to defend their Mars base against an invasion from aliens and earn SPAY income by ranking in battle.

Among them, SPAY’s daily Mining output formula is — —

Consumption income of the day * 10% / SPAY price = SPAY production of the day

To ensure SPAY remains scarce, gamers can only successfully mine by creating value and consuming.

We attempt to combine blockchain technology with traditional tower defense video games to provide gamers with a unique gaming experience.

All assets in the game are directly owned by the participants. SPAY can be traded on the market or exchanged on other cryptocurrency networks

What makes our platform unique is that it uses economic means to coordinate consistency within the community.

We believe that enabling an economic system that encourages gamers and developers to work together in video games can effectively solve many problems plaguing the current video game community.

These systems also provide tremendous creative possibilities. We are building an open and transparent infrastructure that is currently scarce.

NFT Items: Collection Value and Financial Characteristics

Gamer’s asset ownership in the form of NFTs is a crucial part of our game. Because the characteristics of NFT complement the concept of virtual assets in video games.

Compatible NFT as an airdrop or video game interoperable asset greatly improves inherent liquidity of game assets. This breaks the shortcomings of traditional video games that artificially restrict asset liquidity.

For gamers, the value capture of NFT is primarily reflected in Collection Value and Financial Characteristic.

One is the practical and rare NFT items, which not only play an critical role in video games, but also have high financial value.

Another rare commemorative NFT with special significance, its value is more embodied in collection significance.

The values of these two NFTs are linked to rarity and the game’s popularity.

Prevailing game trends, gamer loyalty, and strong content all mean limitless NFT value and appreciation potential.

In the future, we will also develop more competitive NFT video games, as well as exclusive digital assets and digital artwork supported by licensing agreements.

Over time, these digital collectibles will become even more sought after by gamers.

Simplified Process: Seamless Handover Experience

Ease of use is one area we are focusing on. This involves the entire field, from the creation of asset tokenization to running a token-based real-time economy.

It all starts here: An important step is that we have greatly simplified the process of enabling community gamers to own and manage digital assets in the game.

In addition, video games connect all participants in the market and form the core of asset trading. Gamers also have the right to publish a paid task list in the video game.

We firmly believe that blockchain technology alone is not enough. If we want to bring the advantages of blockchain technology to mainstream video games, an engaging gamer experience is crucial.

This is the reason our team has been recruiting the best game developers form all over the world.

Professional video game developers have a deep understanding of how to use the best technology to create fascinating wonder and innovative gaming experiences for gamers.

We are trying to refactor video games. We are upgrading current video games from a pure entertainment experience to games that can bring new connections to the real lives of gamers through community economics.

Our Timeline

Currently, SpaceY 2025 is in the pre-testing stage and is limited to targeted invitations for gamers.

We are continuing to work on developing functions, enhancing security, and ensuring stability. Now, core functions of the game are already in place and are being tested.

So far, the core gameplay of SpaceY 2025 has been supported by more than 6,000 KOL users and has accumulated more than 30,000 forum topic posts on the entire network.

These suggestions from the pre-test gamers are valuable and meaningful for our future development.

In the next few months, we will have more platform details to share, including our market framework:

May: Pre-sale of blind box card packs and territories

June: V1 version update, collection gameplay launch

July: Launch of NFT trading and TOKEN circulation

August, September, and October: global gaming community warm-up

November: V2 version upgrade: launch of tower defense combat gameplay

Our Development Partners:

Over the past year, our team has been working closely with development partners to explore, experiment, and design supporting game features and cryptoeconomics in SpaceY 2025.

On the one hand, we are committed to solving some common conceptual problems in the video game industry, such as how to obtain items and rewards in video games.

Meanwhile, we have explored and studied the possibilities of platform openness, such as open source and community autonomy.

In any case, all our efforts are for a great gaming experience.

We believe that on a not-so-distant day, the video game can evolve beyond itself and develop as an economic platform, becoming a fundamental way to create economic empowerment.

Moreover, as the source of creative interaction between people’s lives and thoughts, video games have unlimited possibilities to become everything.

*Investment has certain risks. The above is the author’s personal opinion and is not investment Advice.

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SpaceY 2025 is a novel tower defense game based on blockchain and NFT technology. It is a 3A-level blockchain game created by Blockfish.