Chronicles Of the Near Future — SpaceY 2025—

On April 22, 2025.

“Master, master, it’s time to get up! It’s 8:30. I’ve ordered breakfast for you, and it will be delivered here in 10 minutes.”

“Ah!” Yi Jun exclaims in dismay, and quickly gets up from the warm bed.

“Xiao Ai, why did you wake me up so late? I’m going to be late for work.” Yi Jun scolds Xiao Ai.

“Master, last night, didn’t you make me wake you up one hour later today? You said that today is a holiday, and you don’t need to go to work.”

“Haha”, Yi Jun pats his sleepy head, “Sorry, I was so tired last night. I forgot it all. Sorry, Xiao Ai.”

“It’s okay, master, haha.”

Yi Jun is a clerical worker in a company. He’s 25 years old and still single. He’s been working in the financial sector since graduating from a renowned university in Hangzhou 4 years ago.

Yi Jun has dabbled in investing in digital currency since college and was able to buy a 60-square-meter apartment in Shanghai with the money he had earned in the crazy bull market he in 2021. It seems that Yi Jun is quite frugal because he has bought himself a residence in a city with such extremely high housing price.

Apart from work, Yi Jun doesn’t have any special hobbies and lives alone. He’s so engrossed in his work that he forgets to take care of his cat Little Flower. Sometimes he even forgets to do work around the house.

However, in this era where artificial intelligence has become mainstream, many people like him have bought a smart home robot.

Yi Jun is no exception. His smart robot is named Xiao Ai and looks really cute. Except for its legs, which have been modified into dual tracks. Its body looks like a human being — it has five-fingered hands and a rotating neck. The big screen on its face can also express across a wide range…

“Master, the drone has delivered your breakfast to the balcony. I’ll go get it.”

“Okay, thank you, Xiao Ai!”

Yi Jun has freshened up and has found his hunger, right in time for the drone to deliver his warm breakfast.

Countless drones are circling the morning sky of this bustling city in 2025. No one pays them any mind or worries about them crashing into anything because the data center that operates these drones is based on the blockchain.

The flight paths are air simulation tracks based on multiple audits of smart contracts, which will not be arbitrarily modified and has a real-time anti-intrusion system, which guarantees the orderly operation of these drones.

In fact, besides this real world with a strong pull from science and technology, there is a dreamier world intertwined in a parallel time and space during this era of artificial intelligence — the Metaverse world.

After breakfast, Yi Jun sits down on the sofa to take a break. He feels a bit bored and says to Xiao Ai: “Xiao Ai, broadcast me today’s breaking news.”

“Musk’s manned spacecraft successfully landed on Mars at 1:30 a.m. Beijing time on April 22 after a nine-month space journey.”

In an instant, the news, like a bolt ot lightning, excites Yi Jun, no longer a little sleepy. His heart begins beating with excitement, just like many other people in the world.

The Perseverance and Zhurong rovers successfully landing on Mars was mankind once again taking a big step since the first moon landing in 1969. Human beings have embarked to a planet that may be the most ideal place to immigrate to in all of outer space.

With mixed feelings in his heart, Yi Jun quickly picks up his cellphone.

Thoughts go back to 2021 before Yi Jun had even graduated from college. He was extremely open to new things and realized that the blockchain would become an important part of the virtual world in the future.

He read about an NFT tower defense game called SPACEY 2025 in a WeChat news article. At that time, NFT was in its infancy in the blockchain industry, not as ubiquitous as it is today. Few people knew what made NFT so special. “Speculation” seemed to be the only word that was attached to NFTs because some NFTs attached to art could be sold at very high prices.

However, Yi Jun saw that NFT had have application potential in other fields, potentially more so than with artwork, possibly even becoming an important carrier for the virtual world in the future.

This understanding came from his good friend as well as his classmate Xiaoya, an enthusiast of science and science fiction who ended up majoring in modern literature. Xiaoya liked to discuss the world of the future world with Yi Jun, which had influenced him a lot.

She once said to Yi Jun: “In the future, we may have two identities, one is physical while the other is virtual. A virtual identity is not merely the handle you pick up when playing online, but it transforms the Internet into a real world that can be experienced and interacted with. The identity in that world is real, same with the objects. This real means that no one can possess your virtual property.”

Although these things sounded like a pipe dram back then, Yi Jun felt that Xiaoya was not talking about something farfetched in the slightest. He had also heard from a friend that NFT would be a good investment in the second half of 2021, and he felt that NFT’s assetization of virtual items and carrying realistic value seemed to have some inexplicable connection with what Xiaoya had said, so his thoughts kept lingering on NFT.

It just so happened that this NFT sandbox tower defense game named SPACEY2025 was holding events to attract players, which is when a voice in his headtold him:

This is a blockchain game with a lot of potential. In the future, NFT items could be very valuable, and its Token will continue to appreciate.

This could have been his inherent investment talent rearing its head, and although he couldn’t see the future, he believed in his own judgment and bought the game Tokens. He got involved in the game in its pre-sale stage with blind boxes, card packages, and land transactions.

Now at 9.10 am on April 22, 2025, Yi Jun automatically opens the trading software as soon as he hears the news of Musk’s craft touching down. The moment he sees the market, tears well up:


Then another message pops up:

“SPAY Token, blessed by Musk’s spacecraft’s smooth landing on Mars and the concept of the Metaverse, has skyrocketed to 11 times its value overnight.”

The news is displayed on the homepage of the most respected blockchain media. Yi Jun excitedly shares the day’s profitability and news screenshots on social media.

Whenthinking about SPACEY, he receives likes from his friends.

Yi Jun takes a closer look and sees that one is from Xiaoya. She left a message: @Yi Jun “It’s amazing. The market conditions haven’t been too great recently, but you invested in the token that has outperformed others.”

Yi Jun replies proudly: @Xiaoya “Not good, it’s actually quite normal.”

In fact, Xiaoya has also journedy into the circle of digital currency, but things didn’t go as smoothly at the start. Instead of making money, she had to pay.

Xiaoya feels puzzled when she sees Yi Jun’s say, “It’s actually quite normal normal”. She replies to him in a private message: “What is SPACEY? Why did you choose this project in the first place?”

Yi Jun lifts the corners of his mouth slightly, his heart full of indescribable gratefulness. He knows very well that the project he started to invest in 4 years ago was actually related to Xiaoya in some way, the woman he fell in love with at first sight in the mountaineering club in college.

Xiaoya isn’t only a good student, she’s also lively, cheerful, and dynamic, while Yi Jun had nothing extraordinary apart from his investment talent. He had little confidence pursuing Xiaoya.

Apart from looking at her from a afar and silently guarding this secret love, Yi Jun did not take any further action until last year when he moved to a financial company in Lujiazui, Shanghai.

When he met Xiaoya on Metro Line 2 and found that their companies are close by, his seemingly contented heart was stirred once again. Years have passed, and he seemed to have embraced the hope of love.

Thoughts floated through his mind before he replies: “In fact, my investing in this project is more or less related to you. It’s a long and complicated story. If you are interested, why don’t we talk about it over lunch tomorrow?”

Oh my god! I’ve asked her on a date together! Yi Jun has surprised himself. He’s always been shy and never dared to ask Xiaoya out, even though he’s had her contact for so long. Before, he could only pray to meet her in the metro by chance one more time.

“Okay, our companies are close. See you tomorrow.”

Yi Jun is filled with joy over the unexpected destiny that ties them together.” He is grateful to the project SPACEY. He nervously googles strategies to woo women to see if there is anything to learn.

It’s finally date time. They meet at a nearby Western restaurant. Although it is located in Lujiazui, a prosperous area that exudes affluence, it decorated quite stoically. Yi Jun arrives early, Xiaoya arrives a short while later.

As soon as Yijun sees Xiaoya, he thinks: I haven’t seen her for a while, and she’s changed a lot. She’s gotten rid of the ponytail for shoulder-length hair, and she’s wearing a bit of makeup to accentuate her natural beauty. Even though she’s matured, I can still see a bit of the youthfulness from our school days. She’s become even more beautiful.

“How’s it going? Are you busy with work?”

Xiaoya pouts, “It’s still the same. Nothing has changed. How about you? ”

“I’m a lot like you, leading the same life. Besides work, my favorite hobby, you know, is investing. I have been investing in digital currency recently.”

“Haha, just tell me! What kind of project is this SPACEY you’ve invested in? How could it have appreciated so much! ”

In fact, Yi Jun is a little flustered when he first sees Xiaoya, fearing that if he was too forward or too nervous, that it would alienate her. After all, his connection with Xiaoya has been thin since graduation. If it hadn’t been his years of secret pining, their messages would be limited to annual to New Year’s greetings.

But Xiaoya’s enthusiasm makes Yi Jun relax a lot. After they order, Yi Jun immediately brings up the topic to SPACEY.

Xiaoya is immediately intrigued: “The token you told me about yesterday that has appreciated 11 fold turns out to be a blockchain tower defense game project? Also, why did you say that the project is more or less related to me?”

Looking at Xiaoya’s curious expression, Yi Jun begins to ask her: “Do you know the difference between blockchain games and ordinary online games?”

Xiaoya thinks for a while: “Well, although I rarely play games, I’ve heard that more than 80% of game data is stored on the blockchain. This number was quite low when we were in school.”

Xiaoya pauses and says: “One of the characteristics of the blockchain is of course that data cannot be tampered with. So, for example, your game items won’t be modified by centralized manufacturers arbitraily. From this perspective, I think Blockchain games first guarantee game asset ownership.”

Yi Jun is impressed by Xiaoya. He thinks she is quite talented to have quickly gained a basic understanding of blockchain games based on her own inferences, even though she doesn’t know much about them.

“Great. You’re just as smat as you were when you were winning scholarships year after year. Games created by traditional centralized manufacturers can be changed at any time. The rules are released without asking players for suggestions. This makes player experiences worse. There are often cases of unreasonable suspensions and game items being stolen.”

“So now most games are developed on the blockchain. All ownership belongs to the players. Let’s make a strict separation among the game, player, and game item. Everything becomes pure, and the gaming experience will naturally improve.” Yi Jun says in a breath.

Xiaoya listens with gusto, and asks: “This sounds like a very fair world. If only it actually existed!”

“Haha,” Yi Jun smiles knowingly, “In fact, that world is all around you.”

“Do you remember last time when I asked you on the mountain summit that if you think the world that humans will live in in the future is only limited to the physical world in front of you? I have held onto your answer since then.”

Yi Jun pauses: “You said that in the future, we may have two identities, one is the physical and the other the virtual . A virtual identity is not merely the handle you pick up when playing online, but it transforms the Internet into a real world that can be experienced and interacted with. The identity in that world is real, so are the objects. The so-called real means that no one can possess the virtual property that belongs to you.”

Xiaoya is a little surprised that Yi Jun repeats what she had said back then, and at the same time there is inexplicable warmth in her heart. The shy boy in front of her has held onto her words all this time.

“Haha, your memory is pretty good to remember that after all this time. However, I may have read too much science fiction back then. I was just fantasizing about the future. Can this world really come true?”

“Metaverse!” Yi Jun says in a straightforward tone.

“Huh? Metaverse?” Xiaoya frowns in doubt and looks even more lovely.

“Don’t be scared by this word. Nouns often cannot accurately express the connotation of some complex concepts. Just like when the blockchain was born in 2009, people didn’t know how to translate it.”

“People who know nothing about blockchain may feel that it is very complex. In fact, “block” in English means ledger, and “blockchain” means chaining the ledgers.

“Metaverse is the same. ‘verse’ is the abbreviation of ‘universe’. ‘Meta’ in English has the meaning of ‘transcending’, so it can be understood as a parallel universe transcending the real world. In computer science it is the ‘Internet-mirrored virtual world’.” Yi Jun says.

Xiaoya has developed a sense of admiration when she hears Yi Jun’s exhaustive explanation. Se then asks: “The SPACEY game must be related to the concept of the Metaverse, right?”

“Yes, the Metaverse can be simply understood as a parallel game space with a strong sense of immersion and interaction. Everything in the real world has its copy in the virtual world, just like the spoon in your hand now.” Xiaoya looks down at her spoon.

Yi Jun adds: “There can be a corresponding copy in the virtual digital world. SPACEY does not simply map real things to the game, it also creates many things that do not exist in the real world, such as ship tickets, land, defense towers, ore, and buildings, of which ownership absolutely belongs to the player in the virtual world.”

Xiaoya loves science fiction, and they are both interested in each other.

“I invested in SPACEY for several reasons. In 2021, blockchain games were still in their infancy. The first reason is that at that time, SPACEY was the first tower defense game based on the theme of Martian settlement.”

Yi Jun takes a sip of water and says: “You must know that humans have always dreamed of settling on another planet, and Mars may be the best second home for mankind. This game carries this long-cherished wish of mankind. I think SPAY Token not only carries the circulation value of the economic system, but also mankind’s belief in the future.”

“The second reason is that the model the game has set is quite reasonable. Most of the season income is attributed to the player prize pool. Players with the top ranks will be awarded with prizes from the prize pool. Community governance is also done through the Token voting method. Therefore, I feel that every economic detail in this game reflects the concept of a fair world. It provides an ideal Eden that can retain players.”

“Actually, the most critical reason, and the most direct reason for my choice is that I listened to you.” Yi Jun becomes more and more excited.

“The future world, or virtual world in your description, is a world where asset ownership is sacred, inviolable, and unique in its nature.”

“Like the NFT items we purchase with SPAY Token in SPCEY2025, they are all unique. No asset can be copied. As the number of players increases, they will only become scarcer, so I decided to invest in SPAY Tokens, which was also a fixed investment in the deflationary attribute of the Token.

“The fixed investment I have been making for the past 4 years has continued to increase my wealth, and the this recent development now means I’m almost financially independent. What you said back then helped me make the correct choice. What I should be most grateful for is you.”

Yi Jun’s sincere gratitude makes Xiaoya feel a little overwhelmed and even a bit shy now that she knows that she unintentionally guided his actions over the last four years.

Yi Jun sees Xiaoya’s change in mood and immediately says: “In fact, the concept of Metaverse was just proposed in 2021. At that time and lacking mature technology, it was just a concept. The Metaverse emphasizes the use of VR, AR, AI, and other technologies to realize a deep experience of virtual identity and virtual assets.”

“Not only is blockchain technology more mature now, the 5G cloud network has also become quite popular, and a new generation of VR devices can be linked to the Metaverse virtual space of the blockchain. SPACEY is also the first to move web-basedgames to the Metaverse parallel world.”

Yi Jun raises his head and drinks the water in the cup: “The weekend’s tomorrow. Are you free? The SPACEY 2025 Metaverse Experience Hall is already open to the public, why don’t we go go check it out together?”

“Okay!” Xiaoya readily agrees.

The day drags on as Yi Jun waits for tomorrow.

The morning sun wakes the two up. They meet at the Space 2025 Metaverse Experience Hall at the appointed time.

Their hearts are flying towards each other.

They both smile slightly when they meet each other. Yi Jun first says: “Would you like to join me on a trip to explore Mars?”

Xiaoya nods and asks: “Is it dangerous?”

“It’s okay, I’m here!” Yi Jun now shows the self-confidence he deserves.

They step into the Hall and see a line of words flashing with a colorful glare: “SPACEY, the Pioneer of the Metaverse”. There are also some words floating on the 3D screen below: “Martian Civilization”.

“Mars is not just an illusory symbol, but a new shore for human technological development and spiritual needs. It is a new land waiting for us to explore, and a new home that we have never been to but will eventually .tame.”

These words give everyone here a mysterious power that drives everyone to enter this new home.

Yi Jun and Xiaoya put on the VR devices after entering the Ethereum key —


A giant aircraft, powered by something unknown, flies over their heads.

They hold their breath when presented with such an amazing scene of the SPACY Metaverse.

“Welcome to SPACEY2025 Mars Base,” says a greeter wearing a space suit.

“Your resources to be used are at the bottom right of the screen. We wish you a pleasant journey!”

They curiously click the button in the lower right corner to check their NFT items, such as card packs and land.

Yi Jun is a veteran. He has abundant resources, including various sandbox tower defenses and a large number of tokens, while Xiaoya is a new player with finite resources. She needs to develop.

“Ah!” Xiaoya suddenly exclaims. A huge rocket soars from behind them while they are checking their resources. This is a Martian rocket transporting immigrants to the Mars space station where people can take shuttle buses to go back and forth between the two planets.

One must have an NFT ticket to return to Earth. Now Yi Jun only has one. This time the task is to find a ticket for Xiaoya. Tickets in the Metaverse cannot be purchased directly with Tokens. This is to make players experience something real.

However, getting a ferry ticket is quite difficult. Only by completing specific tasks can it be issued.

The system matches them with the difficulty for advanced player since Yi Jun is an advanced player, even though Xiaoya is a newcomer.

Although neither of them knows what will happen, both of them feel perilous. Unsurprisingly, danger soon appears.

“Warning! Warning! The human settlement on Mars is being invaded by aliens. Set up tower defenses to fight back!”

In an instant, huge tower defenses emerged from nearby Martian land belonging to other players!

Although items cannot be shared on team missions, teammates can share land. Yi Jun likes to purchase land and NFT equipment, but he has not used them in actual combat.

“Xiaoya, come over here!”

They are close in physical time and space, but after the game starts, they are separated by a few hundred meters in the virtual world. Xiaoya keeps running towards Yi Jun, but there is a UFO chasing her. Yi Jun immediately clicks on the map in the lower right corner and adds a tower defense turret at Xiaoya’s location right after witnessing the situation.

The tower defense erected next to Xiaoya immediately starts to attack the enemy and destroy the UFO in the sky. Xiaoya is once again shocked by this Hollywood movie-like immersion.

Yi Jun uses an advanced tower defense this time, but he only has two advanced tower defense NFTs in his hand. This type of tower defense is generally used to deal with big bosses rather than used in common defense. Yi Jun in fact can use Tokens to buy lower-level towers to attack these flying objects.

Yi Jun runs to Xiaoya and asks: “Are you okay, you’re not hurt, are you?”

“No, thank you for your help, but what you just used seems to be a pretty high-level tower defense. Why didn’t you use one that’s lower leveled?”

“I only have these two advanced tower defense NFTs. You were too in too much danger just now. If you were abducted by the UFO, I don’t know how I’d explain it to your mother.”

“Haha”, Xiaoya laughs and asks: “Can I buy them with SPAY tokens?”

“Yes, but I don’t want to use it.” Yi Jun seems to want to say something, but he stops talking.

“Well, I’ll go collect some ores nearby to pick up a little bit of money. I can’t completely rely on you.”

Although Yi Jun is an advanced player, his level comes from the number of tokens he has, and he doesn’t have any special assets in Mars. Apart from the vast land and tower defense he just built, he hasn’t purchased any buildings.

Yi Jun and Xiaoya collect ores in different directions, and they move farther and farther away from each other. However, an announcement broadcasts that the next Mars rocket returning to Earth will take off 15 minutes later.

Although they have do not have many ores and economic resources, they can already exchange for some items if they work together, such as low-level tower defenses, excavators, and a blind box?!

The moment of peace on Mars is quickly snapped by a group of invaders floating like jellyfish.

The Mars base issues an alert again, and tower defenses spring up from the ground once more.

“Danger, Xiaoya, lots of enemies near you!”

“I see them. I’m trying to build a tower!” Xiaoya is not yet familiar with the interface. She has no idea where to click.

“Bottom right corner!” With Yi Jun’s prompt, Xiaoya exchanges for a small tower smoothly. At that moment, a jellyfish fires several laser beams, but Xiaoya dodges them. Then the small tower shoots down the enemy.

However, Yi Jun is in danger. A large group of jellyfish are approaching him

. Yi Jun has to use his second advanced tower to shoot down the jellyfish with its superior firepower.

But the danger shows no signs of abating! A large armada of jellyfish flocks to Xiaoya. Without enough resources to exchange for towers, Xiaoya has no choice but to seek refuge with Yi Jun as soon as possible. However, Yi Jun’s limited resources can only get him a small tower to repel the enemies behind Xiaoya, which is like hitting a stone with an egg.

“Run!” Yi Jun shouts.

Xiaoya falls to the ground and can no longer move quickly, while wave upon wave of enemy troops descend to her.

Xiaoya is in danger and can no longer save herself. She sits there helplessly, watching the jellyfish chase her. She is so frightened and helpless that she almost cries.

It is up to Yi Jun, who is running towards Xiaoya, and he has two choices: to exchange for a small tower defense, or to open the blind box, which could be anything.

He thinks to himself: The small tower defense may slow down the offensive, but it will definitely be overwhelmed quickly. How about opening this blind box to see what’s inside?!

At this crucial moment, Yi Jun exchanges the remaining resources for the blind box and opens it. It turns out to be a skateboard. He hops on immediately. A magical scene occurs. The skateboard can float and moves with this thoughts! This is an interplanetary skateboard!

Xiaoya thinks the mission may end here as the enemies inch inexorably towards here.

At this point, a familiar figure suddenly appears in front of her. It’s Yi Jun! “Xiaoya, grab my hand and get up!”

Misfortunes tests the sincerity of friends and love always appears in a crisis. Xiaoya excitedly grabs Yi Jun’s hand and gets on the skateboard.

The enemies begin their attack, firing laser after laser att them; Yi Jun hugs Xiaoya tightly to protect her from falling off, and they wisely evade all the attacks.

Xiaoya feels a long-lost sense of security from love. In the midst of war, she feels extremely safe in Yi Jun’s arms.

The enemies are reluctant to give up. They keep chasing after them. At this moment, the Mars rocket in the distance broadcasts: The rocket returning to the Earth will launched in one minute. Residents with tickets, please board.

But Yi Jun only has his own Ethereum ferry ticket. How can Xiaoya get one? Is it necessary to eliminate all the jellyfish?

Then he has na idea, and he promptly sends a signal of ‘SOS’ to the human Mars base. A very touching scene appears:

Facing common enemies, the immigrants on Mars all respond. Knowing that Yi Jun’s tower defense is insufficient, they back him up by building tower after tower. All manner of towers spring up like mushrooms and attack the jellyfish like loyal defenders fighting for humanity. Finally, the enemies are wiped out!

“Congratulations! Xiaoya and Yi Jun!” the system notification booms.

“You have completed your mission! Xiaoya, this is your ticket.”

A ferry ticket printed with Xiaoya’s Ethereum address is now displayed in the center of the screen, and Xiaoya happily takes it.

“The door is closing in 5, 4, 3 …”

Yi Jun steps into the rocket at the last second, holding Xiaoya in his arms!!

Until the screen suddenly goes black do they realize that the Metaverse experience is over. They take off the VR device with one hand while still holding each other with the other hand.

After returning to the real world, Xiaoya suddenly lowers her head very shyly. She wants to retract her hand, but Yi Jun doesn’t agree and continues to hold Xiaoya’s hand. This time, he is no longer shy, but bravely faces Xiaoya and his own happiness.

Xiaoya pretends to be reserved: “What do you want,”

“I can protect you in the Mars Metauniverse of SPACEY2025, and I want to continue to protect you on Earth.”

“You’re just saying that.”

Yi Jun picks up the SPACEY2025 mobile game: “There is a reason why I was reluctant to use Tokens to buy low-level tower defense. Look at this number- ‘1204’.” (Xiaoya’s birthday).

Xiaoya seems to realize something, but she is overwhelmed.

“This is your birthday. After we separated, I found the SPACEY project, and I decided to invest a token every day for nearly 4 years until it was your birthdate. The thing I have been waiting for in my heart is you.” Yi Jun looks at Xiaoya sincerely.

“If you think I’m just saying that, I hope to write my love for you into the blockchain.” Yi Jun says firmly again.

He doesn’t intend to sell the tokens after the appreciation. This time, he selects the area where they faced tough odds in the SPACEY mobile game and exchanges all the tokens for a huge Mars homeland.

“I already have my own small house in Shanghai, and I hope to have a home in the Metaverse with someone I love. Xiaoya, would you like to run this Mars homeland with me?”

Tears welled up in Xiaoya’s eyes by his moving request. She says: “I DO.”

Bless them.

SpaceY 2025 is a novel tower defense game based on blockchain and NFT technology. It is a 3A-level blockchain game created by Blockfish.