Lifting the Veil on the SPAY’s Economic System — Why will it be the next Axie?

Recently, a blockchain game called Axie Infinity has found success overnight. With a single-day revenue of 9.72 million US dollars, it overtook the mobile game Honor of Kings as the most lucrative game in the world.

Data has revealed that as of yesterday, Axie Infinity has generated an accumulated income of more than 114 million US dollars over the past 30 days, outperforming the runner-up PancakeSwap with a revenue of 11.4 million US dollars, exactly 10 times that amount.

It can be seen that the game, which is most likely to become one of the applications that will gain a foothold first in the NFT trend, has gradually found a viable business model.

And it may become the fuse to detonate a new round of BTC bull run in the wake of DeFi.

The integration of gaming and DeFi has also allowed the concept of GameFi (financial mechanism gamification) to become known outside of a select few.

During the bear market, the NFT metaverse game sector was still able to rise dozens of times despite the trend.

It may easily be conceived that GameFi empowered by the blockchain economic model is going to have massive room for development in the future.

In addition, the comparatively long development cycle of GameFi has allowed itself to be less vulnerable to being plagiarized.

Therefore, it allows for more time and space for developing original projects, as well as more opportunities for investors to take a closer look what the next big thing will be.

Today, we will introduce to you a very promising blockchain tower defense game based on the theme of the Metaverse —

SpaceY 2025, which stands a very good chance of becoming the next dark horse of NFT Metaverse games.

The following will compare the core gameplay and economic token models of the two games to analyze in detail why SpaceY 2025 will become a hit just as popular as Axie in the future.

Axie Infinity

Axie is an NFT digital pet education and turn-based RPG game inspired by Pokémon.

The gameplay is very simple. Players raise the cute digital pet Axie and use them to fight to win leaderboard prizes.

You can also earn profits by raising rare Axies or planting the necessary materials and love potion SLPs for raising Axies.

Compared with the free-to-play model of traditional games, Axie Infinity adopts the core mechanism of Play to Earn.

By introducing the blockchain’s token economic model and NFTs, it encourages players to keep playing tje game to increase the value of ther assets.

Axie’s economic model now consists of two core games: battling and breeding —


Players can lead their Axies team to battle in adventure mode (PvE) or player-to-player mode (PvP) and win SLPs.

The top players on the leaderboard will additionally win AXS rewards each season.


Players can use Axies to breed new ones, which can be sold in the marketplace for income.

Breeding will cost SLP and AXS tokens.

As shown in the figure, Axie’s flywheel perfectly forms a closed loop composed of three aspects: players, Axies (NFTs), and AXS/SLP (local tokens).

The inner loop shows the value creation process, while the outer loop shows the value consumption scenario.

The final value inflow is players who buy AXS and SLP, while the final value outflow is asset liquidation.

It is worth noting that Axie infinity came out as early as 2018, but it has been tepid.

It wasn’t until 2021 when the gameplay allowed players to earn the governance token AXS by playing did it became popular.

So for now, making money is the core gameplay that makes players addicted to this game.

SpaceY 2025

SpaceY 2025 is a metaverse-based NFT tower defense game inspired by Elon Musk’s mission to Mars.

The difference between the core gameplay of the two games is that Axie infinity is a card/matching model, while SpaceY 2025 is a tower defense/construction model.

In the SpaceY Metaverse, players can participate in the Mars missions released in the game, buy land, build tower defenses, guard their homes, and collect rare NFT items, compete with other players, and get rewards for ladder tournaments.

A map is updated and season rewards are settled on a monthly basis. Of all the revenue for this season, 80% will be used for the player prize pool, and the top 10% of the players each month will share the prize pool.

SpaceY 2025’s ladder tournament gameplay is very similar to the PVP tournaments in Axie.

Players must have a proper strategy when entering the ladder to get rewards, not just mortgage assets.

As an incentive system, SPAY tokens are used for in-game consumption, which is equivalent to AXS. Players can use them to purchase NFT prop assets, or mortgage them to the platform for handling fees.

In addition, SPAY can also be used as a community governance vote. Players have the right to vote to determine the development direction of the game world and benefit distribution.

The official website has created a DAO community for players to vote. Players’ Tokens, lands, and prop assets will all be counted as VP for voting.

The SLP rewards for players that complete tasks in Axie are replaced by ores, which are used for building tower defenses in SpaceY 2025.

The design of the SLP is mostly to prevent AXS inflation and for task rewards.

This is similar to SPAY’s dynamic adjustment of ore output speeds based on income and token prices.

Consumption income on the day * 10% / price = SPAY’s ore output on the day

To ensure the scarcity of SPAY in the in-game marketplace, only when value is created and there is user consumption, the system will mint coins and yield ore.

In addition, just like NBA Top Shot, it has also officially launched a NFT blind box collection mechanism.

Players can get blind boxes by directly purchasing them or from official events, and pick random equipment that are scarce and have high value attributes.

If lucky players get some scarce equipment in the blind box, they can use them in the game to earn more SPAY, or they can sell them freely in the marketplace on the official website.

Currently, SpaceY 2025 is still in rapid iteration.

The SPAY token is expected to be launched in August, and the land and battle systems on Mars will be released in September. In October we will be able to see the functions of system-to-player battles and player-to-player battles online. In November, the full version of the game will be released.

Players can buy tickets in the mall on the official website or Opensea to have a first-hand experience of the V1 when the game is released.

Players with tickets will also have an advantage in future matches.

In addition to the current web version, the project team will also release Steam and mobile game versions in the future, and introduce level modes, last-man-standing modes, etc.

If this iterative evolution continues, SpaceY 2025 is expected to become the next Axie.


In the future, simple pet education games will surely give way to the increasing number of “Play to Earn” games being launched.

People will focus more on the playability of the game and the grander narrative scene.

SpaceY 2025, as a relatively new project in the NFT game market, integrates the theme of Musk’s immigration project to Mars from the real world and the concept of the Metaverse and blind boxes.

Compared with Axie, a relatively simple pet education game, SpaceY 2025’s economic model design and themes are high quality, and the richness of playability and management is much greater than that of Axie.

Overall, SpaceY 2025 is a game worth waiting for. It has a lot of potential to gain momentum in the future.

SpaceY 2025 is a novel tower defense game based on blockchain and NFT technology. It is a 3A-level blockchain game created by Blockfish.