Meet the crew of Space Y 2025

As you have seen this is a huge project, that’s why we want you to know more about the team that works to make this possible, BlockFish is headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA, The team has more than 10 years of experience in the development and distribution of well-known games around the world, and some of their workplaces include Tencent, EA, Zynga, MZ, in addition to the over 4 years of smart contract development experience.

In this sense we introduce our Founder & CEO Robin Duan who’s A genius young hacker that developed a first-generation text-based online game “Jiang Hu” in high school. He dropped out of school at the age of 18 and joined TOM Online, then worked as a developer in Beyond Networks until finally joining Microsoft, becoming the company’s youngest engineer.

He originally created a Somersault Cloud Games in 2009, which was published by Tencent, and gained 30 million users and tens of millions in revenue. In 2018, he founded BlockFish, which became one of the most popular DAPPs on blockchain, achieving a cumulative turnover of $100 million and profits of nearly $30 million.

In the other hand we have Kevin Huang Chief Technology Officer & CTO a graduate of the Department of Computer Science of Sun Yat-sen University, with a Master’s of Computer Science from Arizona State University, he’s worked for Machine Zong (MZ), Yelp, Nvida as well as different Internet companies in Silicon Valley, where he’s accumulated over 10 years of experience in distributed systems, big data, and machine learning. Kevin understands gaming development, operation, and marketing of games, and has a wealth of practical experience in digital advertising.

He joined Facebook in 2019, primarily responsible for advertising systems and casual game development. After that, Kevin joined BlockFish in 2021 and he’s responsible for developing its SpaceY game and smart contracts.

And last but not lest our Chief Design Officer & CDO Sue Huang a graduate from the China Academy of Arts, with a Master’s of 3D Game Animation from the San Francisco Academy of Fine Arts, she once served as the main aesthetics designer and producer of the Sims 3 (The Sims), which has become one of the most popular PC games in North America and Europe.

There are many well-known game companies, such as Big Point, Electronic Art (Silicon Valley headquarters), where she has earned her stripes. She joined Game Vision in 2015 as the company’s artistic director and was responsible for art development in famous AAA games released in North America, and led nearly 20 North American game projects.

They three are the pilar of this ship, Also is important to make mention to the Investment institutions that support Space Y 2025 because at present, our project has attracted over a dozen of well-known investment institutions and listed companies, and nearly $5 million in private equity.

The list includes: LINKVC, Fission, Shenyu, Jiucheng, Longling, Huaiyang, Yunyou, Shenbo, Formless, Jidou, Lancer, Keyin, FBG, BTCCHINA, NEO ECO.

SpaceY 2025 is a novel tower defense game based on blockchain and NFT technology. It is a 3A-level blockchain game created by Blockfish.