SpaceY 2025 Global KOL Recruitment Plan

To accelerate global marketing, build a Global SpaceY 2025 community for gamers and followers, and promote innovation and development in NFT Video Games:

Now, we plan to recruit Global KOL Partners from Blockchain community owners, media influencers, leader KOLs, community KOLs, NFT Video Game enthusiasts, and other users for the global market.

KOLs who pass official review and meet the requirements will receive an initial share of the project.

KOLs with excellent results will be invited to participate in global operations and promote SpaceY 2025, and continue to receive an increasing portion of SPAY Tokens and NFT items in the game.

Application Conditions

· Applications are open to those who meet the requirements, such as Blockchain community owners, media influencers, KOLs, community KOLs, NFT video game enthusiasts, and other users can apply.

· Applications are open to anyone that is optimistic about the future of NFT+Video Games and have a certain circle, not limited to Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Discord, and other resources or fan bases, at least more than 1000 people, and the monthly activity of their fans is no less than 30%.

· Applications are open to those who are responsible, capable, and willing to gather SpaceY 2025 gamers.

· Applications are open to those who are willing to help build the SpaceY 2025 ecology with passion, promote SpaceY 2025, and invite fans to participate in building the SpaceY 2025 ecology.

KOL Rights

· Obtain prioritized SpaceY 2025 participation opportunities (the initial share of SPAY Token is only for institutional users and KOLs).

· Obtain increases in value following ecological development in the SpaceY 2025 project.

· Obtain SpaceY 2025 game tests, game demos, and NFT items.

· Obtain priority rights to participate in subsequent events on the SpaceY 2025 platform.

· Obtain the right to autonomously suggest and vote in the SpaceY 2025 Global Community.

KOL Responsibilities

· Assist in building the SpaceY 2025 community and make suggestions for its future development.

· Assist SpaceY 2025 in promoting related hot trends/news in online communities and multiple channels.

· Assist in promoting and maintaining the brand image of SpaceY 2025, and actively cooperate with events (spontaneous or official) initiated by SpaceY 2025.


· Do not speak or act negatively towards SpaceY 2025 during the cooperation period. If it occurs, cooperation will be immediately terminated.

· During the cooperation period, KOLs are not allowed to engage in any illegal activities on behalf of SpaceY 2025. SpaceY 2025 has the right to terminate cooperation immediately if there is a violation on the platform.

· Use of the SpaceY 2025 ecological brand without permission for unauthorized business uses that negatively affect the SpaceY 2025 brand will lead to the immediate termination of any cooperation as soon as it is discovered.

Application Process

  1. Fill out the online application form
  2. Or contact official staff
  3. Once approval a dedicated staff member will contact you.

* SpaceY 2025 has the final right to interpret this plan. Thank you for your attention and support.

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SpaceY 2025 is a novel tower defense game based on blockchain and NFT technology. It is a 3A-level blockchain game created by Blockfish.

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SpaceY 2025 is a novel tower defense game based on blockchain and NFT technology. It is a 3A-level blockchain game created by Blockfish.

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